About us

The Diocesan Swim School was established in 2009 and is situated in Epsom, Auckland. We offer two indoor heated pools with an industry-leading filtration system providing healthy water all year round. Our Learner’s Pool is 12m long and the Main Pool is 25m long and 20m wide.

In the Learners Pool, we provide a safe learning environment for children in the early learn to swim classes from babies through to breather classes. The water temperature, which is between 31-33 degrees, provides students with a warm and comfortable environment  in which to learn.

The eight lane, 25 metre main pool is 2m deep with a movable floor which enables us to vary the pool depth to suit our stroke classes and squads. The water temperature is kept around 28 degrees to provide a comfortable environment in which to learn or train.

At the Diocesan Swim School we pride ourselves on teaching the students the necessary skills to become confident and proficient swimmers.

We provide high quality swimming lessons for babies through to fitness squads with structured lesson plans which ensure each child receives the attention and training they need for their swimming ability level, whilst guaranteeing progression through the swim school.

Our swim instructors are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching children to swim and are able to deliver our swimming programme to the highest standard. Our swim instructors are all trained and constantly upskilled to ensure they provide the uppermost standard of teaching.

The Diocesan Swim School strives to inspire our students to achieve their goals, recognising that each student is an individual with their own specific needs. Our main focus is to develop the growth of each child, ensuring they have the life skills which will give them confidence and keep them safe in and around water.  We are a non-competitive swim school and offer swimming lessons and squads for those students who love the water and water- associated sports.